About Us

We are sisters and friends that find encouragement, strength, and fun with each other, despite our different personalities.  From our young millennial, to the married with children and everything in between.  We are just figuring it all out one post at a time.



kenisha editedElleMeades is a girl in the world finding her way through motherhood, marriage and life.  She’s interested in politics of race and practices law.   The only thing she loves more than her family is probably a good cup of coffee.  Current Status: catching up on Golden Girls and is finishing the last half of “A life of Reinvention: Malcolm X”.




kris 3 editedNspiredKris is a lover of all things music, with a special place in her heart for gospel. In addition to working her 9 to 5, she works in music management.  Catch her in these streets and more likely on Southwest Airlines, but usually on her couch. Current Status: Making brunch plans.




YC7-zLEgNaturallyKelz is a minister, mentor and higher educational professional, who likes to make a difference in the lives of others.  Dubbed as the “wise one” by her sisters, she gives the best advice. She’s navigating the single life, building her career and traveling the world. She loves everything Jurassic Park/World and Lord of the Rings.  Current Status: Reading “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas and planning her next trip.



yanaKeyraedynamite wants adventure in the great wide somewhere. She’s known for her spot on impressions.  She’s a sarcastic Blerd with a Ph.D in side eyeology. She is finishing up her first Young Adult novel and loves superheroes (Marvel over everything) and is waiting for DC to match their rivals. You will find her driving through town blasting her eclectic playlist. Cynical yet hopeful. Current Status: Playing Fortnite with her nephews and registering for classes.