Welcome to (insert retail store)!: Five Types of Customers You Don’t Want to Be

shopping cart at retail store Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

If you’ve ever worked for any type of store you’ve probably welcomed customers with feigned enthusiasm and a corporate approved greeting every time the doors opened. I’ve worked in customer service for some time now. Let me tell you, it can get really tiring. With the exception of the customers who are polite human beings, some are the types of customers that make you want to clock out early.

If you’ve had to work with customers, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’ve only been a customer you may have witnessed other customers behaving badly. But what exactly makes a bad customer?

Here are five types of customers, you don’t want to be:

  • There’s the one who walks up to you and says one word-the item they’re looking for. “Q-tips?” And then proceeds to stare at you. Now my response in my head is, “Are we saying random words to each other or do you need help?” Whatever happened to complete sentences? It’s especially annoying when you approach them, ask how they’re doing, but they ignore all of it.
  • The one who hands you money out of their shirt or bra. Hygiene and cleanliness is a must for me. At times I can admittedly be a germaphobe. But handing me money out of a place that can be sweaty. Why? Why would you do that? Especially in the summer time! It’s gross, so don’t do it.
  • The one who keeps you hostage. Sometimes you can tell that a customer is going to have a million questions. It’s almost as if they have no perception of time. When a customer traps me into helping them for twenty minutes, I feel like I’ve entered the sunken place. In this sunken place, there’s no escaping and all you hear are questions and demands. Customer service takes a certain caliber of acting, so you stand there listening and pretending to care. God forbid, they need help with getting photos printed or any “self service” option. If they can, they’ll have you do every step for them. “Could you just do it for me?” I want to say, “Sure it’s not like I have other things to do before I have to clock out.
  • The ungrateful one. You bend over backwards to help this customer. Even if the outcome isn’t perfect, you’ve tried your best and have been super nice. At the end of everything, they don’t care. There’s no thank you. They just leave and you have to stand there like

…you ungrateful heffer. Lol

  • The one who has a telephone conversation as loudly as possible. I can understand taking a phone call while shopping. However, I shouldn’t know every detail of your conversation. I shouldn’t be able to give you advice based off of the conversation you’re having, and not even knowing what the other person is saying. I’ve seen many customers with their phone on speaker! Why? Why is that necessary?? I’ve been on the other side of the store and heard someone talking on a phone. Invest in some Bluetooth headphones.

Those were just some examples. But remember that customer service associates are people too. Some are going to college and need a way to make money, some people have been with the company for years, some are bratty teenagers, haha. But they’re just doing their jobs. So take some advice from Chris Pratt.

chris pratt dont be a turd GIF by MTV Movie & TV Awards

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